FI-ES Magnolia V 10.1 Patch Notes

Written by Zayan Ikram

March 2, 2021

We want all our customers to know what we are working on, week in and out, so they can thrive with the features we bring for them.

These are the patch notes for FI-ES Magnolia’s new update so our Customers can have a detailed look into the newly developed features, and their benefits. We have also worked very hard to ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly, without any of the difficulties you have faced in the past.

New Features:

  • Dashboard Management – A mobile application integrated with Magnolia system where directors are able to see reports such as profit and loss, daily sales, customer outstanding etc.
  • Menu Integration – All the head office operations such as Finance Management, Purchase Management, Admin Setup etc are coming under in one module and each transaction is listed in a menu.
  • Multiple Window Feature – Allows users to open multiple windows same time without closing the opened windows
  • Price list Feature – Management can maintain different price levels both % wise as well as amount wise. A particular date period can be set for the price level and it is useful for promotional sales.
  • Drilldown Reports in Accounts – Drill down reports allows the users to drill down to the root transaction from the report interface itself.
  • MIS Reports – New report module where some sales reports and accounts are reports are designed in a more user-friendly method.
  • Credit Installment Feature – Allows the users to make credit invoice instalment wise. It is useful for the high-value invoices where management had to pay GST in advance before the customer settled it.
  • Production Feature – Features allows to assemble/produce/construct the items and sell
  • POS Multiple Payment – Payments can be collected in multiple ways for the same pos transactions like some amount as cash and balance as card etc.
  • POS Touch Module – For Touch POS Machines
  • Automatic Webstore Setup – Online E-Commerce Store automatically integrated with Magnolia.
  • Android Apps – Dashboards linked with IDZlink and Magnolia coming as Apps.

Please contact us if you would like to have a demo of any or all of these features. We hope to bring many more features that helps your business grow very soon.


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