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We believe that the right software solution can make a business. Work with us to reduce your overheads, impose better control, eliminate redundancy, increase efficiency and productivity resulting in better profits.

When your business prospers, we succeed.

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What We Build For






Our Support

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Supporting you around the clock

We pride ourselves with the level of support our customers get. If you are having any trouble with our services, we will be there whenever you contact us. All of our customers get the best support and they generally do not have to wait long to get their problem solved.

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What We Offer


We provide software solutions to help businesses and organization to manage them efficiently. We offer 3 comprehensive fully integrated software:
Cloud-based Point of Sale System for Retailers. Gone are the days of lengthy implementations and onsite servers. View your sales data on the go with your mobile phone, and use on any tablet/screen. Cloud POS Software

Enterprise Resource Planning System for Retailers and Restaurateurs with integrated Accounts
FI-ES Magnolia ERP Software

Property Management System for Hotels and Resorts used by the industry-leading hospitality sector of the Maldives
FI-ES Andromeda PMS Software

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Fully integrated solution

All of FI-ES software are developed in-house so you will not need any third party integrations to manage accounts and such

erp software provider in australia

WorldClass Support

Our support staff are ready to support you around the clock. It is our priority to fix any issues as it comes about if you use our services

erp software provider in australia

Data backups

With our cloud platforms, we continouosly take back ups to ensure you never lose any data

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Product Updates

We update our systems daily to provide you with the best features possible

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Award Winning quality

We work hard to maintain the highest standards of quality.

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User Centric Experiences

Everything that we create is always user centric and we apply the latest UX techniques so you can use our services easier.

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Our Development Process

We take the utmost care with our development so that you get the services you need without any interruptions. With us, you get a system that has been developed over 20 years depending on the requirements of our customers. Whenever they need something, we address that requirement within our system.

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Strategy & Roadmap.

We find ways to constantly and consistently improve our system and thus are always strategising new ways to get better functionality for you.

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Visual & UX Design

We use the latest principles when designing our interfaces so you have the best experience possible when using our Software.

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We have a dedicated team continuously improving the system depending on your requirements.

business software providers in india

Maintenance and monitoring

We are constantly updating the system based on the needs of our existing customers. Join us and build the system according to what you need.

Years Experience

Awards won

Projects completed

“I have worked with FI-ES Magnolia for over 17 years and have recently conducted a comparison with other software such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics which are believed to be some of the best ERPs in the world. During this comparison, I found FI-ES Magnolia to be a more complete ERP and a system that fits our business far better than other systems. I congratulate FI-ES team for their commendable work.”

Mohamed Maumoon, Sonee Hardware Pvt Ltd – Maldives

“We’ve been using this software for over 10 years in our company to manage inventories, sales as well as the accounting and . We had a lot of issues initially with controlling our business but after using this software it has helped us to manage and keep all the things in control. So I would like to recommend that this is a good software which can be used for many services; from point of sale to inventory management, accounts as well as HR areas and will provide more profitability for your business. I recommend you to use this software for your business development and growth.”

Kushantha Somasiri, Muni Homecare – Maldives

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