FI-ES Andromeda PMS Software

FI-ES Andromeda, Property Management System (PMS) is a software package for the automated management of the Hotel and Resorts Industry. The key benefit, with successful automation, is that Customer Service is lifted to an optimum height of International Standard. Consequently, the Hotel/Resort enjoys a much higher level of popularity and goodwill, on the international tourism circuit, resulting in much higher Room Occupancy and increased use of facilities.

Why FI-ES Andromeda PMS?

FI-ES Andromeda PMS is an all-in-one Hotel Management System that is being used by numerous hotels and resorts in Maldives. The system has been developed over 10 years and serves to automate all the needs of the tourism industry.


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fi-es reservations


Flight Schedule
Rooming Chart
Room Status Display
Guest Registration Card
Arrival/Departure Sea Plane Entry
Set Arrival/Departure Time
Room Status updates



Reservations & Bookings services enables you to serve your customers even when they have not checked in. This tool helps to identify repeaters, their likes and dislikes. The last time they checked in, birthdays, anniversaries, which would say, how you care for them. This tool helps as an add-on to the recurring revenues and on generating good will.

The unique features of on-spot performance appraisal of tour operators/Companies with indicative graphical statistics is a spotlight. This robust tool does not over load the database, ensuring secure entries and avoid bottleneck as registration. It also helps managing all the front desk services.

Front Office

All the front office related functions such as reservations, registration and other payment related functionality is all available in Our PMS Software.

fi-es front office

Front office

Rate Management
Paid Out
Arrivals/Departures/Bookings/Occupancy Reports


CEO Dashboard

Available in both IOS and Android, is a simple easy to use mobile app that will connect the top management to the business, keeping them always alert on what’s important.

This gives the top management the required freedom they need without compromising the time and attention business needs from them.

fi-es ceo dashboard

CEO Dashboard

Key Charts
Income and Expenses
Cost of Goods Solds
Net Profit
Customer Summary

fi-es financial accounts

financial accounts

Service Invoices
Cust/Supp. Advances Cust/Supp. Settlements
Bank Reconciliation
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
Profit and Loss
Cust/Supp. Statements
Cust/Supp. Age Analysis
Ledger Reports
Bank and Cash Reports

Financial Accounting

Fully Integrated Multi-Currency Financial Module that supports Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Bank & Cash Accounts, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, P&L.

This module once configured for divisional accounts management, will generates Divisional and Consolidated reports for all key financial reports.

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