Case Study: How Focus Computers Achieved Remarkable Results with Magnolia ERP


Focus Computers, a leading IT company based in Maldives, has established itself as the premier authorized Apple seller and service provider in the region. Since 2009, they have been leveraging the power of the Fi-es Magnolia ERP solution to efficiently manage their diverse product offerings, sales, services, and finance. With modules tailored to their specific needs, Focus Computers has achieved seamless integration, improved customer service, and robust inventory and financial management capabilities.

Challenges Faced by Focus Computers:

Before implementing the Fi-es Magnolia ERP solution, Focus Computers faced several operational challenges:

Inefficient Sales and Service Management: Focus Computers struggled to streamline their sales and service processes, leading to delays, manual errors, and customer dissatisfaction.

Complex Inventory Management: The company had a wide range of products, including laptops, hardware, and accessories from various brands. Tracking inventory, serial numbers, and part codes accurately was a significant challenge.

Multi-Currency Transactions: Being a trusted Apple seller, Focus Computers handled transactions in multiple currencies. Managing exchange rates, conversions, and financial reporting in different currencies was time-consuming and error-prone.

Fragmented Financial Management: The absence of an integrated financial module hindered their ability to generate accurate financial reports, track expenses, and analyze profitability.

Fi-es Magnolia ERP Solution:

To address these challenges, Focus Computers implemented the Fi-es Magnolia ERP solution, utilizing the following key modules:

Service Center Management: The Service Center module provided a comprehensive platform for managing hardware services, repair requests, and tracking customer warranties. It enabled efficient service ticketing, tracking service history, and ensuring timely repairs.

Sales with Serial Number and Part Code: The Sales module incorporated serial number and part code tracking, allowing Focus Computers to easily manage and track individual product units. This enhanced inventory control and enabled efficient after-sales support.

Multi-Currency Sales and Purchase: The ERP solution seamlessly handled multi-currency transactions, automating exchange rate calculations, and ensuring accurate financial records and reports.

Complete Finance Module: The Finance module enabled Focus Computers to streamline financial processes, including invoicing, payments, and financial reporting. It provided real-time insights into the company’s financial health, enabling informed decision-making.

Inventory Management: The integrated inventory management module allowed Focus Computers to track stock levels, monitor product availability, and streamline procurement processes. This ensured optimal inventory control and reduced stockouts.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of the Fi-es Magnolia ERP solution has transformed Focus Computers’ operations, resulting in numerous benefits:

Streamlined Operations: The ERP solution streamlined sales, service, and inventory management processes, reducing manual effort and eliminating errors. This led to improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Service: With a centralized system for tracking service requests and warranties, Focus Computers could deliver prompt and reliable customer support. This improved their reputation as an authorized Apple service provider.

Improved Financial Management: The integrated finance module enabled accurate financial reporting, expense tracking, and profitability analysis. Focus Computers gained better visibility into their financial performance and could make informed business decisions.

Efficient Inventory Control: The inventory management module facilitated better control over stock levels, reducing excess inventory and minimizing stockouts. This resulted in cost savings and optimized inventory turnover.

Long-term Partnership: Over the years, Focus Computers and the Fi-es Magnolia ERP solution have formed a strong partnership. Regular updates, support, and customization options provided by the ERP vendor have ensured that the system meets the evolving needs of the company.


Focus Computers’ successful implementation of the Fi-es Magnolia ERP solution has revolutionized their operations, enabling them to efficiently manage sales, service, and finance while maintaining their status as an authorized Apple seller and service provider. The integrated modules, including service center management, multi-currency transactions, and comprehensive finance and inventory management, have propelled Focus Computers to new heights of success in the competitive IT market in Maldives.

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