Why Independent Hotels are Investing in PMS?

Independent hotels often do not have a large budget at their expense to invest in costly marketing and advertising. However, they still manage to do extremely well. This is mostly due to their investment in Property Management System Software (PMS) offered by PMS Software providers such as FIES Systems.

The Need to be Different

With more and more people staying in independent hotels, they have a duty to maintain the quality and professionalism they guarantee! PMS software provides these hotels with the tools to manage their systems in the best way. Modern PMS systems such as the FI-ES Andromeda PMS Software is cloud-based, used to handle operations and transactions of hotels, motels, resorts, inns, and other lodging services.

Managing Distribution

Distribution management can be extremely time consuming and lead to inefficiency and human error, comprising the hotel’s potential. An integrated distribution channel will automatically change according to the current market and reflect these changes in the hotel’s daily rate. All your online channels will be directly connected to the PMS Software. This allows you to remain competitive in the market. Furthermore, last-minute cancellations are automatically relisted, making sure hotel data reflects vacancies in real-time.

Reduced Costs

Managerial work can be handled effectively through PMS Software. Staff will need less training time as the platform is easy to use and understand. Andromeda PMS Software provides an extremely user-friendly interface that staff can get the hang of in no time. This reduces costs for the hotel, as well as boosting the productivity of staff.

There is no need to invest in hardware! You do not need to buy additional computers or “in-house” servers. It is cloud-based and can be accessed through any current device. Using PMS Software also provides you with strong data security.

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Exceeding the Expectations of Guests

Communication between the hotel and guests is an important aspect of providing a quality stay. Keeping track of events and special requests proves to be a valuable aspect, which the Andromeda PMS software can help you with. By applying extra care and attention to your guests, you promise exclusivity like no other.

Using PMS Software gives you a chance to stand out from the rest. Exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impression on your guests will guarantee excellent reviews, return customers and new ones as well.

Increasing Upsell Potential

Andromeda PMS Software can increase your upselling potential. What is upselling? This is when you offer improved services and upgrades to elevate the value of a stay at your hotel. Though cloud-based PMS software, guests can select advanced features and requests that will make their stay extra special.

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