How to set up IDZlink POS?
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Written by Zayan Ikram

July 26, 2022

Congratulations! You have actioned the decision to switch from a traditional, on-premise point of sale system to a modern, cloud-based fully integrated IDZlink POS solution for your business. It’s the best decision you could have made for yourself, your team and your company.

While the ideal POS software provider should walk you through setting up and integrating your new POS system, there are a few steps you can take by yourself to get started.

Step 1.      Create your CompanyStep 1.      Create your Company

Within IDZlink software, users and companies can connect with each other digitally. This allows you to interact with vendors, other branches of your business and more. The first step is to create your company within the network. Similar to any online profile building, the process is simple and easy to set up. You only need to fill in a few details.

Step 2.      Grab a License

In order to operate, you require a license specific to your software, whether that is a POS, PMS or ERP system. Each type of software has a license that you can purchase in order to be officially registered. You can buy your license or order it on free trial. This takes a few minutes to complete as the software builds a fresh new database for each company that is licensed. This includes a default version of company departments, outlets, and pricing to make the next couple of steps easy.

Step 3.      Get your Team Onboard

As the creator of the company, you will have full access to all features of your POS system. This includes transaction management, inventory management, reports and analysis, customer management and more. In this next step, create User Roles for your employees and browse through the POS many features. Each feature or multiple features can be assigned to employees they are most relevant to, organizing the different features and granting access to them where needed.

Step 4.      Open your Shop Departments and Outlets

Next up, duplicate update the default Department and Outlet to match your requirements. This will centralize User Roles that are related to each other, allow them to coordinate inter-departmentally and between your separate branches.

Step 5.      Add Inventory, Place Prices and Set Up Taxes

It’s time to complete setting up shop on IDZlink. You might have previously maintained an extensive and detail excel sheet to manage your inventory. Instead of manually entering each and every product and status onto your new POS software, you can simply upload the excel sheet and inventory will be created automatically. Finally, assign selling prices to your products and set up taxes so they can be calculated and billed by IDZlink software without any trouble.

And your new POS solution is ready to go! The best part about investing in a software with IDZlink, other than the customizable solutions, is that there is a team ready to assist you if you ever require further assistance. Happy Retailing!

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