How to know your business needs an ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning- the integrated management of business processes, from a single system, through software and technology.

As your business grows, so do your tasks and scope of management. You may not realise you need an ERP until it is too late. Follow this guide and if you recognize any of these, it’s time to invest in an ERP as soon as possible!

  1. You use a spreadsheet to run many aspects of your business

You many have templates, tracking formulas and be an expert spreadsheet user but you are bound to eventually run into major issues:

  • Only a few people may know how to operate and make changes to the spreadsheet which puts the business at risk if these few people are not available. The employees who do know how to operate it may spend too much time fixing issues and this leads to inefficiency. You will have to spend extra time to train new and existing employees to handle your spreadsheet system.
  • You have to enter duplicate data in multiple places. This wastes company time and increases the chances of human error. Business analytics becomes increasingly hard to manage and accurately calculate as well.

By using FI-ES Magnolia ERP, you have a system made by specialists in their fields; ERP software providers in Maldives and India. This ensures an airtight system with minimal errors if any. Data is entered automatically, saving time. You can also find out which jobs and product lines are most profitable. The ERP system is designed to estimate and collect data, producing high quality product line reports.

  1. You want to be ISO certified

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provides a known standard for Quality Management Systems. This helps manufacturers reduce costs & expenses, and decrease lead-times. This certification adds value to your business. To sell to other ISO certified manufacturers, you need to be certified as well. Our FI-ES Magnolia ERP system provides the necessary features to achieve this certification. ISO needs documentation of the manufacturing process. This can be time-consuming and troublesome to do manually, which is why an ERP system helps this process.

  1. You have more than five employees and plan to grow

When you have formed a business team, it is vital that all business processes go through the same system. This way you can keep track of work, employees and productivity. ERP software collects customer information and automatically records it on the invoice. Sales orders, purchase orders, packing slips and invoices are all created by the ERP system instead of you and your team manually creating these, which can cause errors.

The time to invest in an ERP system comes when you do not have time to manage all your repetitive business tasks. Take your business to the next level and contact us today for more information on our FI-ES Magnolia ERP System.

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