How Technology is Helping Hoteliers Reduce Costs?

The hotel business hangs in a precarious balance on the best of days. Are you catering to the right target audience? Do you offer services that outshine the rest? Will your customer leave good reviews? Is your marketing reaching the right places? What will stop your guests from choosing your competition down the road and come to you instead?

Keeping up with the ever-updating technology in the hotel industry is an arduous task- one which can be easily simplified with the help of integrated hospitality solutions.

andromeda pms software is helping hoteliers reduce costs
  1. Labour Cost

 Labour cost for a hotel is likely its greatest expense. However, mismanagement can lead to over-staffing resulting in a great loss to the hotel. With some forethought and strategic planning, a great service can be provided by reallocating funds for more staff to an investment in new technology! The first step towards compiling a team of efficient, productive staff is identifying those who are passionate and committed to building a long-lasting career in hospitality. With our FI-ES Andromeda PMS System, your employees will no longer need to waste time on time-consuming data entering and evaluation and can spend their time providing the best service to guests.

  1. Sustainability

Making the switch to energy-saving practices does not only save your hotel, it saves the planet too. The first procedure needed is to analyze the various parts of your hotel to assess which of them are producing the most waste at the highest cost to the environment. This is where you need to focus improvements on. This may include practices such as using sensors to switch off lights when no one is around. Turning a green leaf will also help build your brand and expand your reach. Guests are careful about their carbon footprint and this will undoubtedly be a positive factor they consider when they assess your hotel. Between equally great hotels, all offering the same services, quality and benefits, being sustainable will set you far above the rest.

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  1. Automation
hotel pms software

Automating time-consuming tasks poses a great benefit for hoteliers. PMS allows you to have an up-to-date direct booking engine. If you are using an outdated system, guests can easily get frustrated and switch to another hotel. PMS also handles inventory management. It records last-minute cancellation, automatically relisting the rooms on your website to be booked. Our FI-ES Andromeda PMS system also allows for efficient guest communication, allowing them to request special services and arrangements. Your relationship with your guests is of utmost importance and our system helps you provide a service beyond all competitors.

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