Face the challenges of a post-pandemic world with ERP software
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The past few years have brought us a series of challenging events one after the other. If they have taught us anything, it’s that we should always be prepared for everything life throws at us. The post-pandemic world as we know it functions differently compared to times before Covid-19, and 2022 is bound to bring its own set of challenges.

Businesses everywhere have upgraded systems to adapt to new environments with changed demand, rising prices and renewed workforce culture, not to mention evolved customer needs and wants. It is in times like this that a modern ERP software proves to be a tool that can help organizations adapt and iterate to make the best of any situation.

Operations Management 

An ERP system connects you to all areas of a business, from inventory to sales to staff to logistics. When we don’t know what to expect next, having an ERP system is part of a contingency plan. If employees are unable to make it to the office to replenish stocks or sign off orders, an ERP system can handle it.

Instead of leaving room for blockers in the supply chain, utilize an ERP software to administrate. When inventory is running low, an ERP system is entirely capable of estimating when, where, which product and how much of it should be ordered next to keep your product on its best shelves by analysing the data you feed it and reviewing statuses across all outlets and warehouses for the most accurate results. Not only this, but an ERP system can go ahead and place orders, monitor transactions and organize everything you need to run your business smoothly by the click of a few buttons.

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Response to Inflation

As prices rise and fall, it is important to stay up to date and meet demands accordingly, this means being proactive and responding to the changes in market climate. An ERP system keeps record of the different costs incurred across production, it also keeps record of inventory and sales as they happen through the POS feature. With all this in integration, an ERP system can provide you with the information you need to make the best buying decisions as a business owner as well as see the process through with suppliers, vendors and customers

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Labour Optimization

The pandemic brought an opportunity that may have changed the collective nature of workforces everywhere, it was the reality check needed to weed out all unnecessary SOPs and build a more efficient, balanced work culture. With an ERP system, staff become a lot easier to manage. From the time an employee clocks in, to their work hours, to compensating for OT, to payroll – all of this can be pre-set and carried out by an ERP software. An ERP system also makes room for efficient use of time, accurate exchange of information and mitigates the chances of human error as it makes it simple for an employee, once trained, to access everything they need from the system instead of waiting to consult a fellow employee.

What’s even better is that this is now becoming more and more accessible and remote for managers and employees through the development of cloud based ERP software and Mobile Dashboard Apps, like we do with our Magnolia ERP software solution, making it possible to maximize productivity anywhere, anytime.

The Future of Production

As more and more initiative are being taken to make monotonous operational and administrative tasks automated, it’s important to understand that the world of business is rapidly changing as we know it, regardless of what industry we are in. An ERP system takes over the most basic tasks and runs them smoothly, well enough to optimize the use of resources so that talent can be reassigned to focus on innovation and development, thus pushing the business further in growth.

Keeping this in mind, it would be beneficial to work closely with ERP software providers to ensure that as your business grows, the system you rely on evolves with it.

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