Easy Migration & Training for a New POS System
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Written by Zayan Ikram

May 12, 2022

Switching to a new POS system or using POS for the first time can be intimidating! We are here to guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition under every circumstance.

There are some key aspects to keep in mind for data migration


Navigating the software industry can be a daunting process. To weed through those who want your company to succeed and those who want your investment. Be sure to choose a software that is suitable for your industry. There are many different types of POS catered to different avenues in the corporate world. There are certain features necessary for each avenue. It is important to pay attention to the smallest details to choose the best software for your company or store. IDZlink POS provides the necessary features for the retail industry, catered to many different types of stores and companies.


Every software provider has different rates that promise different services. It is important to select one that fits within both your budget and has the features you require. Be sure to choose a company that gives you a value for your money and offers a good service including proper consultation and advice.


Migration is the process of transferring the date from your old system to the new system. There may be a vast amount of information about your customers, suppliers, products and employees. Before the process is started it is best to take some time to organize all the data. Removing unwanted data that will not be relevant in the future is extremely useful. IDZlink team ensures a safe and easy migration process and we will guide you throughout the entire process, promising a smooth transition.

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>> Must-Have Retail POS Software Features to Boost Efficiency


Compatibility is important when transferring to a new system. Your old equipment needs to be compatible with the new point of sale system. There are many different types of software that may work better with your current equipment available. IDZlink POS uses Cloud technology. This is a great advantage as your data is accessible anytime and anywhere! You can manage your business on the go and keep track of all proceedings.

Personalised Training

It is advisable to opt for a company that provides training services to ensure a successful transition.

Assisted Training

At IDZlink POS we offer training for you and your employees. This training gives you advice from experts in their field. Training like this is fundamental as it boosts confidence in the employees and makes sure they understand the system. This reduced any errors made through miscommunication and mismanagement.

Customer Support

We provide ongoing customer support to assist you with your new IDZlink Cloud POS system.


We offer personalized development and adjustments to the system according to your specific requirements.

Migration does not have to be a complicated and lengthy process! With the right software provider it can be made very simple and easy to navigate. The POS software you choose will directly affect your productivity, efficiency and overall business success. Make sure to choose the best possible software that is best catered to your company needs. Contact IDZlink today for a consultation!

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