Choosing the Right POS System – The Software, The Hardware and The Gamble
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Written by Zayan Ikram

June 22, 2022

As an entrepreneur, time is your most valuable resource and any responsibilities that can be outsourced to someone, or in this case something, reliable takes a massive weight off your shoulders. A Point Of Sale software handles a variety of tasks you might otherwise have to do manually. It processes transactions with your customers, manages inventory and produces analytics for automated reports.

Here are a few things to look out for when you decide to treat yourself to a POS system to help run your business.

 The Software

The first thing to consider is software, this is your main priority. A POS software is capable of automating the tasks we mentioned above, but some developers (we are one of them) go over and beyond to create a software that offers features such as an easily installable e-commerce shop, analysis of customer profiles and patterns and more based on the industry you are in.

Your small business would benefit from these in-built features, but perhaps that’s not a direction you see it going in. In this case, you can keep in mind the features that match your needs perfectly and choose a software in the same scope or work with POS providers, like our team at FI-ES Systems Pvt Ltd, who are open to customizing it for you.

The Hardware

Next up, you’ve got to choose your hardware. Depending on the size, operations and culture of your team you would need to invest in some tech for your software to nest in. This can be desktops, tablets, POS machines or in the case of Cloud based software such as ours, you could even have it set up on a personal mobile device.

Which brings us to the next point – are you looking for a software that is flexible or stationary? A traditional POS system would be a permanently set up computer or machine at your place of business but in today’s world, flexibility is the biggest strength you can have. A Cloud POS system allows you to manage and run your business anytime, anywhere on nearly any device with a stable internet connection. But if you prefer to keep things traditional, the option is available to you.

The Gamble

Now it’s time to set a budget. In order to gain more, you have to be willing to give – especially when it comes to software systems. When choosing a POS system, consider not only what you can afford right now, but also the size of your business, the retention and frequency of customers, current sales and the expected growth rate – all things that will be influenced by your choice of POS. While you might prefer it to be the most economical, it would be only as worth as what you pay for it

POS systems come in all shapes, sizes, devices and specifications. When investing in one, reviewing the requirements of your business and finding what kind of system works best can save you the trouble of overcompensating. Weigh the benefits against the cost and you will find the benefits outweigh the cost. A POS system’s multi-functional design helps run a business by taking over so many tasks while improving productivity, efficiency and the user experience, creating value you cannot measure.

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